Our event Better Data: Technologies for Measuring Behaviour is funded by a British Academy Rising Star award to Dr Sophie von Stumm, who directs the Hungry Mind Lab.

Two years ago, Sophie wanted to find out if the changes in mood that we experience in our daily lives influence how well our brains work. She worked with George from PSYT, who will showcase and speak at Better Data, to develop the iPhone app moo-Q that repeatedly assesses people’s mood and cognitive function. moo-Q made Sophie realize three things. First, smartphones — or better communication technology — are powerful tools for studying behaviour. Second, it wasn’t only smartphones: There is a vast number of new technologies that help collecting ‘big’ high-quality data on behaviour. Third, very few people know this. In particular early career researchers often don’t have the resources and expertise to apply technology successfully for studying behaviour.

To alleviate this problem, Sophie and her team are hosting Better Data, an event that brings together established scientists, technology companies and media experts to teach early career researchers about the latest technologies in behavioural science. The program was designed to give early career researchers hands-on experience of various technologies, to advise them on using technology, and to help them develop their own research technology https://manlig-halsa.se/.