On this page, you’ll find a list of tools that help studying behaviour in all possible ways — from current online experiments to free Virtual Reality experiment builders.

Dialogue Experimental Toolkit is an instant-messaging platform for conducting research on dialogue apotheke-zag.de. The software consists of a chat server and chat clients, written in Java. The chat-tool makes data-collection and preparation much easier and quicker. Configuration of the server and clients allows experimental designs that are much more standardized and reproducible. The toolkit can be used “off-the-shelf” to collect and prepare instant-messaging conversations. It is also a powerful, programmable toolkit for conducting experiments on live interaction.

DMOZ is a Psychology Online Experiments directory.

Gorilla is a e-platform for experimental behavioural research. It has a clear and intuitive graphical interface to allow you to build an experiment without code. Accurate reaction times makes in appropriate to use for a wide range of behavioural research and powerful modular structure means it can do randomisation, counterbalancing, branching as well as longitudinal studies. In their words “Studying complex behaviour shouldn’t be complex. Our powerful and easy to use tools allow you to build and share experiments with minimal effort. From simple questionnaires and reaction-time tasks to complex multi-day training studies and randomised controlled trials, we’ve got you covered. Seamlessly integrated with popular recruitment services, you can source a wide and diverse range of participants to complete your study fast.” It’s built by Cauldron Science who collaborate with a lot of researchers to build specialist software for behavioural science. It’s free to sign up and use all the tools, you only pay when you want to collect data.

Inquisit Web enables simple, convenient collection of rich psychological data remotely over the web through online experiment. Administer any of the neuropsychological tests in the Millisecond Test Library online, customise them, or even program your own. Also, check out their experiment builed Inquisit Lab.

LINGER is a flexible platform for language processing experiments, a software package for performing reading, listening, and other sentence processing experiments.

NeuroVR is a cost-free virtual reality platform based on open-source software, that allows providing the clinical professional with a cost-free VE editor, which allows non-expert users to easily modify a virtual scene, to best suit the needs of the clinical setting. Using the NeuroVR Editor, the psychological stimuli/stressors appropriate for any given scenario can be chosen from a rich database of 2D and 3D objects, and easily placed into the pre-designed virtual scenario by using an icon-based interface (no programming skills are required).

Online Psychology Laboratory (OPL) offers peer-reviewed materials include online studies and correlational studies, large data sets, demonstrations, and teaching aids.

Psychological Research on the Net lists ongoing online psychology studies. They are organised by general topic area with the topic areas listed chronologically with the most recently added at the top.

Social Psychology Network contains links to 509 web-based experiments, surveys, and other social psychology studies.

Speech analysis and transcription tools lists and links various toolkits for language analysis. For each, there’s a brief explanation and description.